Life in pregnancy husband and baby

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It is the time that soon three years have been married.
Children from around little by little? If it is said that it is becoming more and more
myself and my baby and vaguely and her husband Naa want the baby
looked like or think of the lives of three people.
But it is still by only in my
and my husband still talk that … the baby specifically
did not.

Things like that one day.
Night, suddenly and sleeping with her ​​husband
“Asuka !! towards the tomorrow”
I cried husband and in a loud voice.

Really cried feel in a loud voice about perfect that
I also ended up happening I was surprised that was sleeping next door.

what! ? Something of saying? ?
If you look at the husband sleeping and make a … sound of air leaking and the sleeper’s breathing.

But it is gone awake,
absolutely the maxim? There had worried I
caused extortion her husband
as “?? What Asuka towards the tomorrow,”
I heard.
Then her husband was sleepy voice,
“because Oh baby was born by the name of the child,”
a word with. And it has also slept to say so.

Since originally it was a man often sleep talking
only about ~ Naa was an interesting sleep talking
and I did not think, but
it is was found to be pregnant what to the month!

If you go to the hospital “pregnancy 5 weeks”
I somehow remember felt fate.

 Life in pregnancy husband and baby

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