Pregnancy was also steady at birth it is rare to see an easy delivery

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The 18-year-old’s pregnancy has been found, will be the 19-year-old was the birth.
Since morning sickness began to strangely eat from around past six months,
it will be something that eat hyperemesis.
Even if doing, it was I wanted to eat, it was feeling to be eaten Any only.
Body weight was low eye than the reference is to increase how specific to the split.

Even when it is about to full term, only plus weight 7 kg after all, it was said that the people and I get more than 2500 grams.
A little even while becoming anxious, just one week before the scheduled date.
Normally at the same time rupture of membranes and I woke up in the morning. At first, it was impatience with or peeing.
It is said to want to come immediately if you call the hospital, to the hospital.
From there it was really fast.

For the hospital, it is guided by the private room, dressed … and labor at the timing that.
Moreover, it suddenly came labor but I was already 5-minute intervals.
Immediately pelvic examination while measure the interval, it is 30 minutes of arriving at the hospital that was said not amusing even come out another time.
As it enters the delivery room, what is now to be struggles in the state that do not know somehow.
Because I thought gradually and something labor is to come, it is not can also mentally prepared for.
and I noticed it, and have felt the pain and sweat and motivation of about impossible, and cried forget embarrassment.
Many times I had to say “No! Tired!”, But 10 minutes after entering the delivery room.
Moment that was said to be by another good, it was me coming out and Suru~tsu if Chikara-me enough to say whether even this.
It was not often stunned been a short period of time every emotion is welling up.
Impressed to have been, it is and to happy, did not put out good feelings even though there is a feeling that was good.
My son that has been born is a downright crumpled, was Curious Mr. itself.
Since the body weight was also barely 2500 grams table, I was relieved.

At the same time ended and, it was also said to nurse, but did not keep up with too much faster.
And the case was rarely seen easy delivery, wound without any, it was enough to walk around after 4 hours.
You want birth again, I do not think a little, still women was realized with the strong do I Na.

 Pregnancy was also steady at birth it is rare to see an easy delivery

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