Pregnancy at a young age

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It will also before another eight years from now, but the pregnancy is at that time still When I was a teenager was found.
Do not forget even now that at that time.

The determined to go to the hospital it is time that it was only three months of gestation.
In fact, pregnancy per 4 weeks, but I was when much pregnancy 1 months after,
we saw signs from around that time.
But, it is the degree to which I thought would do not good is just physical condition in his.
At that time, we have to work, I had somehow thought that Na smell anxious strangely.
Since originally a person sensitive, the mind thinks degree kana that always feel more did not bear.
However, it is worrisome to each to increase the day, it occurred may like the same at home.
Mother of home cooking, it’s time to was making love a way no mother homemade meat and potatoes still.
The mother, and was told to “not a I was pregnant?” When you have a story that something smells funny.
But, are you mother also know there is also that it was amazing menstrual irregularities, as it is in the fact that the wait-and-see because it also had a bath and did not come half a year.

Per 3 months after, no longer be standing occur somehow dizziness, such as anemia during work.
As pregnancy is carried to the hospital will contact the mother was found.
Since the first was sleeping and lying, it was shocking since confided from the mother.
The angry is, it is the opposite … and I thought so, but “It was in the future is important” is only a word.
also we did not have any that also oppose angry thing.

Pregnancy at a young age, I was thought to be prepared to give birth to opposite on knowingly.
Of course, since the pregnancy on the agreement, but had a decent resolution,
mother anything without saying father, it was me facing nothing but together.
Risk thinking, mother and father who have said please stay at home because I quit the job.

 Pregnancy at a young age

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