I have three pregnancy and childbirth until now

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I have birth three people until now, but originally, strongly to pain, it is a story that is in trouble because of that.
Also I a child of the above in prime you want to play at the age of two during pregnancy the second person as long as his body moves, had been raised playing together.
It becomes full-term, during the day is because it had been returned to home was working mother nor brother had spent two people.
That day I think that kicking How can also stomach felt uncomfortable in the stomach, it was the sense of about Na’m fine today.
But, while watching the evening of the education program, came back a brother Once you have a little If you are dancing with the children, I went towards the brother trying to get playing there even children.
Then run is severe pain in the stomach, it has started bleeding and rupture of membranes Once you’ve ran into the toilet as I thought it through you.
It will and will not stand also thought to stand at that time, pain is no longer move is too intense, I had screaming in the toilet child I think I was scared to notice accident.
And the case was hiding behind a brother and I think that I also become the trauma if you look at this figure, brother invited me only ambulance in, I had to take only contact the mother is left to the brother after.
However, I have been a stupor, was the state in which another head out when it was taken.
Teacher also in a hurry, I was told to Ikimu When you get to be let’s be gave birth in this state. Then I was born in about five minutes.
interval of the ordinary if labor I is likely there, but I wonder if still labor that gave birth to three people? It is not that I thought, there is no admission in advance because of that.
Always flopping is to practice well, such as even breathing because it is birth while I absolutely regardless, is hectic for all come at once.
It never became dystocia, but this is also quite serious.

 I have three pregnancy and childbirth until now

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